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Displayed spread eagle in unforgiving restraints

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Odile has been begging for attention from Mz for months. Cunt should be more careful of what she wishes for. Displayed spread eagle in unforgiving restraints she is unable to appreciate her accessibility due to the punishing metal globe encasing her head. Failure seems to be the only option available to cunt as she struggles to deal with the cane, cattle prod and cruel nipple stretching clamps. Her only comfort is the echo of her own screams inside her metal prison. Unable to please Mz she is taunted with tease, denial and harsh verbal humiliation and scolding. So disappointing…Clearly this bitch needs to be schooled. The punishment begins with the position in our second scene. Locked in a kneeling strappado, cunt endures a wooden breast vice, neck and wrist stocks and metal shackles. Feet, ass and cunt are exposed and worked over with precision by Mz, overwhelming cunt. A painful paddling and tight labial clamps push our pretty piece of meat to the edge and painful orgasm denial keeps her right on it.Finally cunt is bound in a face up modified frog position, held in place with tight leather. A head harness finally allows her to see the torments in store. Wax and nipple clamps get this pain party started. Her ripe pussy exposed for smacking and excruciating flicks before being stuffed full of a hard, steady fist. Cunt is violated and exhausted after the onslaught of orgasms that ensue. Guess she’s only good for one thing- being a whore.

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Encased in a breathing restricted latex hood

Available now at Device Bondage: Encasement Games

Scene 1Star is encased in pantyhose. Her ankle is folded to her thigh and pantyhose tightly bind the leg to itself in a nylon cocoon. A tight hug that makes most people feel comforted – is entirely violating to our blonde beauty. Leather is added as an extra measure of security. Her hands, wrists, and neck are too wrapped in tight leather and secured to the bar at her shoulders. Her face gets the same treatment. Fortunately for Star, her tongue is pierced. A jennings gag is added and Claire ties her toungue to her nipple clamps… bitch won’t have an opinion now or ever in that predicament. Out comes the cane and the cattle prod. Worked over in her little safe harbor of nylon, this bitch breaks early on… the perfect state to be in for her next predicament.Scene 2Star is placed in metal bilbos and shackles with her feet and genitals exposed. Her head is encased in a breathing restricted latex hood. There is only a small hole that permits her to get air and push the used air out. If she gets over excited, the latex suctions to her face and she has a harder time getting the air she needs… perfect for torment. Claire grounds herself with the violet wand and goes after Star, with special attention to the feet and utilizing the wartenburg wheel for added discomfort. Since Star can’t see anything as well as challenging breathing patterns, Claire clamps Star’s cunt with the strongest clamps in the DB arsenal and uses them to suspend and hold in the large dick inserted into Star’s cunt. Star is then given the ultimate in breathing challenges – orgasm games. As she gets more turned on and to the brink of orgasms, she starts asphyxiating herself! HOT!Scene 3We turn the intensity up in the last scene with Star bound standing in the clear strap set. The vibrator/mic stand is brought out. Star thinks this is a pleasure item, but she could not be more wrong. Claire takes the mean black clips and covers Star’s labia with them. She laces them together and wraps all the clamps AROUND the vibrator like a purse string. Any movement is painful for Star, even when she cums. Add caning, nipple clamps, and an intense pussy flogging and we have this bitch in a writing hot mess, not knowing which is better – cumming or not cumming!

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